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Master Agile with UK Scrum Academy,
Your Gateway to Agile Excellence.

We will teach you how to increase your team's delivery efficiency and align with the government GDS Service Standards.

For Service Managers, Programme Managers and aspiring Agile Professionals. Gain essential skills for both government and private sector digital service delivery projects and join the ranks of top-tier Agile professionals committed to leading delivery excellence.

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Why enrol on our Scrum certification 

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Accredited Excellence

Our courses are CDP-accredited, ensuring you receive top-tier training recognised for its quality and relevance.


Unlike other certifications, our approach is tailored to your unique and continuous professional improvement.

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Improve your project outcomes

Gain Agile skills for both government and private sector digital service delivery projects whether you are a manager wanting to understand the intricacies of Agile delivery or an individual seeking a gateway to career advancement.


Our training aligns with the GDS Service Standards, making the learning objectives easily transferable across government and private sector digital service delivery projects.

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Enhance your own career prospects

Boost your professional credentials with our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning points.


Keep your career at the leading edge.


What you will gain:


  • An understanding of how Agile Scrum is implemented in real-world scenarios; enhancing your ability to manage projects efficiently.

  • Knowledge to position yourself as a leader in Agile project management, opening doors to new opportunities.

  • Industry-relevant knowledge to ensure you are well-versed in the latest Agile practices and techniques currently shaping the industry.

Join the ranks of successful Agile professionals and lead the way in digital service delivery.

Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method - Primer Training Course Profile Picture


Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method - Primer

Are you new to Agile and curious about its benefits? This one-day course kick-starts your journey to becoming an Agile professional.


Interactive presentations, practical exercises and informal discussions, introduces you Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method in a relaxed setting.


No prior Agile experience required, this course is designed for beginners eager to learn.

Coming Soon
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Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method - Essentials (C-ASDM) for Government and Public Sector 

Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method - Essentials (C-ASDM) Registered  Agile Scrum Training Course Image

The UK CPD Certification Service accredited Scrum course 

Service Managers and Programme Managers

Are you thinking of transitioning your digital service delivery project to Agile? Do it with confidence. This course shows how your current processes and resources can seamlessly fit into an Agile delivery model, helping you make informed decisions.


Career ambitions

Aspiring to be an Agile Scrum Master or Product Owner? Gain the insights needed to choose the path that best suits your career goals in the Agile field.

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Uk Scrum Academy CPD-Certified Agile Scrum Master

Programme Delivery as an Agile Scrum Master (C-ASM) for Government and Public Sector

The Scrum Master is crucial in Agile project management, acting as a facilitator and advocate for the Scrum framework.

In this two-day course, you will acquire the essential skills to become an Agile Scrum Master, with content uniquely aligned to Government Digital Service (GDS) Standards. Learn not only the fundamentals of Scrum but also the principles of delivering government and public sector digital projects.

No prior Scrum Master experience is required, though a basic understanding of Agile terms is assumed.

Agile Business Analysis as a Product Owner Training Course

Business Analysis as an Agile Product Owner (C-ASPO) for Government and Public Sector

Are you a Business Analyst or Project Manager stepping into a Product Owner role? This course is for you.

Learn to write User Stories, rationalise complex information, prioritise tasks, align delivery to a Product Roadmap, and convert business requirements into a structured Product Backlog for your development teams.

No prior Product Owner experience required, though a basic understanding of Agile terms is assumed.

UK Scrum Academy

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We aim to empower students to change the world

Business meeting

The Agile approach to building digital services.

Our UK government is transforming the way government departments deliver digital services. Since 2012, all government departments have been required to use the Agile approach to project management, to build and run digital services.


As you start your own Agile journey, one of your first challenges will be understanding the rules and roles that support Agile delivery, for example: Which Agile framework is applicable to your business operating model, or is the Project Manager role equivalent to that of the Product Owner, and what does a Scrum Master do?


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Expand your Scrum knowledge base by reading our blog posts.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
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