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Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method - Essentials (C-ASDM)
for Government and Public Sector

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The UK CPD Certification Service Accredited

Who this course is for
Frequently asked questions
Course agenda

Learn how to apply Scrum to your projects and work effectively within a Scrum team.


Our accredited CPD UK Certification courses will give you a comprehensive understanding of Agile Scrum to help you stand out, and position yourself for ongoing success.

The agile approach to building digital services

Our UK government is transforming the way government departments deliver digital services. Since 2012, all government departments have been required to use the Agile approach to project management, to build and run digital services. Agile methodologies have also become extremely popular within the private sector in recent years, with many organisations looking to adopt Agile principles in order to become more efficient, productive, and adaptive.


As you start your Agile journey, one of your first challenges will be understanding the rules and roles that support Agile delivery, for example: Which Agile framework is applicable to our business operating model, or is the Project Manager role equivalent to that of the Product Owner, and what does a Scrum Master do?


Designed by Agile coaches with years of practical experience working on GDS Service Standards compliant government and public sector projects; this CPD Certification Service accredited two-day Agile training course workshop combines PowerPoint presentations, real-world exercises, and informal discussions to introduce you to Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method, without the impending pressure of having to pass a formal certification examination.


Previous experience in Agile delivery is not a pre-requisite to attending the course although it is assumed that delegates will have already attended the Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method Primer course or have some understanding of Agile terms.

Service name

Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method – Essentials (C-ASDM) for Government and Public Sector

Accredited by The CPD Certification Service (United Kingdom)

Who this course is for

Service Managers and Programme Managers

If you are a Service Manager or Programme Manager who wants to explore the benefits of transitioning to Agile ways of working and want to understand how your existing business processes and resource landscape will fit into an Agile delivery model, then this course aims to provide you with enough information to enable you to make an informed decision.


Career ambitions

If you are new to Agile and your intention is to pursue a career either as an Agile Scrum Master or Agile Product Owner, you will hopefully be provided with enough knowledge to enable you to determine which role best suits your Agile career ambitions.

Service features

  • Two-day Agile training course

  • Classroom or On-Premises

  • The course uses eCommerce and other Business Case examples for context

  • Optional online CPD certification examination

  • Optional Agile knowledge quiz to help delegates gauge their level of attainment

  • Online Retrospective feedback to enable continuous course improvements.


Service benefits

  • Delegates will understand the concepts and benefits of Agile development

  • Scrum team roles and accountabilities

  • INVEST-compliant User Stories and BDD formatted Acceptance Criteria

  • The agile approach to incremental project delivery

  • Agile artefacts and Agile reports (burn-down & burn-up charts)

  • Agile Events & Scrum rules

  • Comparison: Agile methodologies (Lean, XP, SAFe & Scrum)

  • Use of Kanban for workflow management

  • Government Digital Service (GDS) Service Standards and Service Assessments

  • Be able to communicate the ideals of Agile to stakeholders

Frequently asked questions

How this course differs from other Agile courses

“Delegates will learn the 'How,' not just the 'What'! It is a deep dive into Agile Scrum as a delivery method, ensuring an understanding beyond just passing the certification assessment."


This course has been designed by highly experienced Agile practitioners and coaches with specialist real-life experience of working on GDS (Government Digital Service) Service Design Standard projects. Delegates will find that the learning objectives are significantly more detailed than with other Agile courses which only focus on teaching the learning objectives of The Scrum Guide.


Delegates must take the certification assessment.

No! During enrolment in the course, delegates can opt out of taking the C-ASDM certification assessment.


The online Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method – Essentials course quiz is optional

Absolutely! Delegates are provided access to the online Agile knowledge quiz which accompanies the Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method – Essentials course. The quiz helps delegates gauge their level of attainment but is entirely optional.


Delegates can take the certification assessment without enrolling on the course.

Yes! Delegates with existing Agile project delivery experience can choose to take the certification assessment without enrolling on the course.


I will receive my certificate as soon as I have completed the course.

You will initially receive an Assessment Completion report after completing the assessment. The report details the certification status: 'Pass' or 'Fail', and includes information on which questions were answered incorrectly. Your certificate is issued two to four weeks after completing and passing the C-ASDM Certification Assessment.


A CPD certification is recognised by employers.

Yes! CPD certification is recognised by private and public sector employers, and in central government departments as a valuable way to evaluate the skills of an individual, and the quality of the learning activities. Listing your CPD certification as well as the number of CPD Points you have achieved on your CV is essentially showcasing your achievements in continuing your professional development.


One CPD Point is equivalent to an hour of training.

CPD points are units that quantify time, and the quality of learning and development activities. Delegates will earn 3 CPD Points upon successful completion of the CPD Certification Assessment or 13 CPD Points after completing the two-day course.


My CPD certificate will expire after three years.

Your certificate will not expire however, best practice suggests a renewal after three years. You can do this by enrolling on the CPD-ASE course to ensure your knowledge of Agile as a Delivery Method is up to date.

The venue is accessible to wheelchair users.

Yes! The venue is wheelchair-user friendly; the car park also has parking bays for Blue-Badge pass holders.

The training room floor is flat (i.e. not raked).

Delegates can arrive on the same day and register to attend the course.

No! Admission is to those who have pre-booked a seat.  

Course agenda

General knowledge

  • Agile Delivery 101

  • Scrum process and sprints

  • Applicability of Scrum

  • Agile Manifesto

Roles and accountabilities

  • Overview of Scrum roles (Core & Ancillary)

  • Scrum Master role and accountabilities

  • Scrum Product Owner role and role accountabilities

  • Scrum team


Scrum events

  • Sprint Planning

  • Daily Scrums

  • Sprint Reviews

  • Sprint Retrospectives


Scrum artefacts

  • Product backlog definition

  • Sprint backlog

  • Increments

  • DoD (Definition of Done)

  • DoR (Definition of Ready)

  • Burn-down and Burn-up charts

Government Digital Service Standards

  • Government Digital by Default Service Standards

Scaling Scrum 

  • Working with multiple Scrum teams

  • Working with distributed Scrum teams

Risks and challenges

  • Risks and challenges of transitioning to Agile delivery


Frequently asked questions

  • Discussion on frequently asked Agile questions


Agile Knowledge Attainment Assessment Quiz

  • Examples of the multiple-choice questions in the optional online quiz


Ongoing support

Email support



Telephone support



Webchat support



Online support


Community Support

In the third quarter of 2024, delegates who have completed the CPD course certification assessment will receive an exclusive invitation to join our Professional Agile Practitioners’ Group. This distinguished community is hosted on Slack, providing a dynamic and private space for certified professionals to connect, collaborate and thrive. As a member, individuals engage with like-minded Agile practitioners, fostering an environment of continuous learning and knowledge exchange. This unique platform serves as a hub for sharing best Agile practices and knowledge whilst staying abreast of the latest trends in Agile methodologies. 


Joining this community not only signifies your certification but also opens doors to a network of experienced professionals dedicated to advancing Agile practices. It is not just a certification; it is an ongoing journey of growth and professional excellence within our thriving Agile community.

Course and certification fees

Scrum course and certification fees


Agile Scrum training in our Training Centre: Arlington Square, Bracknell, Berkshire

Course Description
Course Fee
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Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method - Essentials (C-ASDM)
Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method - Essentials (C-ASDM)
CPD Accredited

Certification Assessment Only

Certification Assessment Only - For existing Agile practitioners with a requirement for official certification

Course Description
Training Method
Course Fee
Min Seats
Applied Discount %
Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method - Essentials (C-ASDM)
Assessment Only
CPD Accredited
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