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Indicative earning potential is in the region of £50,000 p/a.

Our focus until recently was on providing Agile and Scrum training as part of our digital delivery offering on predominantly government digital delivery projects. We have now decided to offer our CPD-accredited Scrum courses outside their usual setting.​

Are you an Influencer, or do you have a network of professionals who could benefit from Agile Scrum training? If so, joining our Partner Programme could be your gateway to unlocking incredible earning potential whilst making a real difference in the world of business.

Scrum has been proven to be the key ingredient to successful project delivery. Since 2012, all government departments have been required to use the Agile approach to project management to build and run new digital services. Agile methodologies have also become extremely popular within the private sector with many organisations adopting Agile principles to become more efficient, productive and adaptive.

Classroom Training and Certification

Partner Programme Highlights

High Commissions

As an affiliate partner with UK Scrum Academy, you have the opportunity to earn generous commissions for each course seat sold. With a commission rate of up to 16.5% per seat, your earning potential is virtually limitless (Please see Indicative Monthly & Annual Commission p/Seat).

Access to Marketing Tools

Utilise a range of promotional materials including banners, email templates, and social media assets. These resources are meticulously crafted to help you attract and convert leads effectively, maximising your earning potential.

Top-Quality Training

Partner with a renowned leader in Agile Scrum education, guaranteeing that you are endorsing high-quality, industry-standard training. Your audience will benefit from top-tier educational content, enhancing your credibility as an affiliate.

Inclusive Partnership

Our Partner Programme welcomes bloggers, influencers, educators and industry professionals from all backgrounds and platforms. Whether you are an expert or new to business, there is a place for you in our Partner Network.

Dedicated Support

Receive personalised guidance and support from our committed team. We are here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring your success as our partner.

Heading - Indicative Monthly & Annal Commission p/Seat

Indicative Monthly & Annual Commission p/Seat

The current schedule is two Scrum courses per month, each with a maximum capacity of 16 seats. The image shows indicative monthly and annual earnings if, for example, you sell 8 CPD-accredited course seats per month (equivalent to 50% of the seats available in each course). Your potential gross monthly earnings at a commission rate of 16.5% per seat = £4,989.60 per month. Extrapolating from the same monthly figures, your gross annual earnings could exceed £54,885.60. In case you are wondering, 'gross' means before Tax and National Insurance etc...


Here is a summary of your potential monthly and annual gross earnings:


Monthly Commissions

  • 8 seats per course x 2 courses = 16 seats sold per month.

  • At a commission rate of 16.5% per seat, you could earn substantial gross monthly commissions of £4,989.60.

Annual Commissions

  • Extrapolating from the same monthly figures, your gross annual earnings could exceed £54,885.60 as you consistently sell seats in our Scrum courses.


Expanding Opportunities

But wait, there is more! In addition to the 16.5% commission on our current classroom courses, you can also earn a 17.5% commission on sales to those who already have Agile or Scrum delivery experience and would prefer to take the CPD Certification Assessment without attending any courses. We are also excited to announce that On-Demand and Virtual Classroom versions will be available soon. This expansion means even more earning opportunities for you as an affiliate partner.

Heading - How To Become Our Affiliate Partner

How To Become Our Affiliate Partner

Sign Up

Provide basic information including your name, email address and website URL (if applicable).

Review Terms and Conditions

Take a moment to review the terms and conditions of our Affiliate Programme. Ensure you understand the requirements, commission structure and expectations for Affiliate Partners before completing the sign-up form.

Receive Approval

Once you have submitted your application, our affiliate team will review it. We will call you if we have any questions. If your application meets our criteria, you will receive approval to join our affiliate program via email.

Earn Commission

Every time someone enrols and completes one of our courses via your affiliate link you will earn a commission.

Our Customers, And What We Are Doing Differently


UK Scrum Academy is an Accredited member of the UK CPD Certification Service.

Our two-day Agile training courses help delegates understand:


  • The benefits of Agile delivery using the Scrum framework,

  • Scrum team roles and accountabilities,

  • Agile frameworks, and;

  • GDS (Government Digital Service) compliant Service Standards.


Who our courses are for

  • Service Managers and Programme Managers transitioning to Agile ways of working and who want to understand how their existing business processes and resource landscape will fit into an Agile delivery model.

  • Individuals who intend to pursue a career as an Agile Scrum Master or Agile Product Owner. 


Our Customers

Our Customers can be defined as:

  • Medium to Large Businesses: Our primary focus is on medium-sized to large enterprises. These businesses often have complex project management needs and diverse teams, making Agile Scrum methodologies highly relevant. They typically have more resources to invest in training and are likely to prioritise efficient project management methods.

  • Information Technology (IT) Departments: IT departments within businesses are a key demographic. Agile Scrum is commonly used in software development and IT projects, so IT Managers, Team Leads, and Developers seeking to improve their Agile practices are our potential customers. These professionals are often at the forefront of Agile adoption.


  •  Consulting and Management Firms: Businesses that offer consulting or management services, particularly in project management and organisational development, can be a valuable audience. They may seek to train their consultants or recommend Agile Scrum training to clients, especially if they are involved in process improvement projects.

What We Are Doing Differently

The majority of Agile training providers in the UK are accredited by either Scrum Alliance or Scrum.Org. We have decided to focus on training that enables individuals to continue their professional development and accrue CPD learning points. We have also formatted the courses to align with the GDS (Government Digital Service) standards.

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