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Shaking Hands

What we are doing differently


The majority of Agile training providers in the UK are accredited by either Scrum Alliance or Scrum.Org. We have decided to focus on training that enables an individual to continue their professional development and accrue CPD learning points. We have also formatted the courses to align with the GDS Service Standards.


Whether you are a beginner contemplating a career as an Agile Scrum Master or Agile Product Owner, a Service Manager or Programme Manager involved in a government or public sector-related digital delivery project wanting to explore the benefits of Agile delivery, or an experienced practitioner seeking advanced Agile insights, our specialist instructors and UK CPD Certification Service Accredited curriculum will ensure a transformative learning experience.


By mastering Agile Scrum, participants you will be ahead of the curve in today's rapidly changing work environment and ready to tackle future challenges. You will also learn how to apply Agile Scrum to manage projects more effectively, resulting in higher-quality outcomes and increased customer satisfaction.


Designed by Agile coaches with years of practical experience working on GDS Service Standards compliant government and public sector projects; this CPD Certification Service accredited two-day Agile training course combines PowerPoint presentations and informal discussions to introduce you to Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method, without the impending pressure of having to pass a formal certification examination.

Previous experience in Agile delivery is not a pre-requisite to attending the course although it is assumed that participants will have already attended the Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method Primer course or have some understanding of Agile terms.

Who this service is for


Service Managers or Programme Managers 

If you are a Service Manager or Programme Manager and you are considering transitioning your organisation to Agile ways of working, then you know that it can be a complex process. You may have questions about how your existing business processes and resource landscape will fit into an Agile delivery model, and you want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. 


Our Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method - Essentials (C-ASDM) For Government and Public Sector course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of transitioning to Agile and how it can help your department or organisation. We will cover topics such as Agile principles, methodologies and frameworks, and the roles and accountabilities of Agile teams.


Career ambitions

For those who are new to Agile and looking to pursue a career in this field, it is important to have a clear understanding of the different roles available and their accountabilities. Two of the most popular roles are Agile Scrum Master and Agile Product Owner. Whilst both roles require a deep understanding of Agile methodologies, they have different focuses and accountabilities. 


An Agile Scrum Master is responsible for facilitating the Agile process, ensuring that the team follows Agile principles, and removing any obstacles that may hinder progress towards delivery of the Sprint Goal. They work closely with the team to ensure that the project is on track and that the Agile methodology is applied effectively. 


On the other hand, an Agile Product Owner is responsible for the product vision and ensuring that the team is building the right product. They work closely with stakeholders to define product requirements, prioritise features and develop the product roadmap. 


Before choosing a career path in Agile, it is important to understand the different roles and their accountabilities. The Agile Scrum as a Delivery Method - Essentials (C-ASDM) For Government and Public Sector course will enable you to determine which role best aligns with your career ambitions and strengths. Once you have decided on your preferred career path, consider one of our deep-dive courses for more in-depth training. 

Deep-dive Courses


Programme Delivery as an Agile Scrum Master in Government and Public Sector Digital Delivery Projects

In this course, you will learn how to work with Product Owners and self-managing, cross-functional teams to successfully manage the delivery of one or more Agile projects as an Agile Scrum Master.

Business Analysis as an Agile Product Owner in Government and Public Sector Digital Delivery Projects 

In this course, you will learn how to write User Stories, rationalise complex information, prioritise and align delivery to a Product Roadmap and convert business requirements into a structured Product Backlog that your development teams will be able to build into deployable solutions.

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